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Wednesday, December 13, 2023

A Prayer for the Lions

Lord, thank You for the truth seekers. Thank You for the ones who want real answers in a false world. Thank You for their courage to speak and question and search and persevere in their quests. 

Thank You for the Lions. The ones who stand up and roar the truth. The ones who point out hypocrisy. The ones who will not be canceled. Who will not back down. Who will not be silenced. 

Thank You for the awakening ones. Those who are noticing. Those who wonder if there is more to be known. Those who want to spread grace instead of condemnation. 

Thank You for the prayer warriors. Warriors who fight in the spiritual realms against the real if invisible forces of darkness and chaos and fear that choke our world. 

Hear us, Lord. Bless us as we reflect Your light. Keep us humble as You are humble. Teach us to focus on You no matter the circumstances. 

Use this time of turmoil to bring more and more souls into Your glorious presence. You are the source of truth, and peace, and victory. 

In Jesus' name. 


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