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Monday, December 11, 2023

A Prayer for the Kind Ones

Lord, be merciful to the kind ones. The ones who see a need and step up. The ones who take a risk. The ones who understand that much can be gained by the strength of the ox. 

Bless Kiya's family. 

Bless Hazel's family. 

Bless Apple's family. 

Bless Chloe's family. 

Bless Misi's family. 

Bless Molly's family. 

Provide for them each day. Give them wisdom. Give them grace. Give them Your love and patience. 

Give them the joy of relationships. Strengthen their families. Strengthen their love for You. 

Let them be an example of how much blessing You can bestow when people follow Your example of kindness. 

In Jesus' name. 

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