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Thursday, December 14, 2023

Is Anything Hard for God?

Yeah, I'm being serious. One of my main complaints about life is how hard it is. We all know this. Some accept it with more grace and gusto than others. I'm one of those who rails against the machine. The whiner. The resentful. The brat. 

Fairly obvious, I know. 

Life only gets harder. I've struggled as an adult because I don't like this reality and I keep looking for a way around it instead of through it. One of my newly acquired and oft-practiced skills is not thinking about things. My intellect is my greatest enemy in this adventure called life. Thinking hard about certain topics leads to terrible things. 

This new skill involves thinking about God's attributes instead of (fill-in-the-blank). And while I was doing that, I was wondering how an all-powerful God decided to make a world with built-in mastery requirements. I mean, a chick has a limited supply of air and energy with which to break out of its egg before it dies. A butterfly that doesn't fight its way out of the cocoon doesn't get wings that work, and dies. All animals below mammals have some kind of shedding process that requires struggle to grow. Or they die. This hardship is built-in. 

What does God know about struggle? Isn't everything easy for Him? He created the universe with a word. I can't do that. How would He know that struggling to succeed is the only way to make life worth living? 

Is His omnipotence an assumption on our part because He can do things we can't? Was there a time when He did struggle and saw the benefit in it? Does He struggle now to love us? Is it hard for Him to maintain the universe? 

I'm not trying to blaspheme, or belittle. He's God and I'm not. I'm not even questioning His wisdom. I'm wondering if He understands me better than I know because He fights the same fights I do, just on a cosmic scale. Does that make Him more glorious? 

Keep the faith. 

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