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Monday, January 1, 2018

Goodbye, 2017. We Tried.

I really did try, too. I wanted to like 2017 so much.

I like the new president. Yes. I really do like Trump. He's way funnier than Hillary.

No other Turtle household member died (although I had my doubts a few times).

I made measurable progress on the mortgage.

I spent lots of time in The Swamp, front and back, and avoided city citations.

I even wrote on my next book. That kinda stopped when the cat family moved in but I believe it will pick up again.

I adopted a dog and a kitten.

On the other hand, I got to see just how entrenched evil is in my country.  I mean, I suspected, but this year I have actual proof. Work got weirder than it has been in a while. I've felt incredibly restless and apathetic, often at the same time. I know more people with cancer than without. OK, not quite on that one, but it feels that way. I stopped blogging. Not like I have anything to say that I haven't said before. I also like making little side comments on Facebook instead of writing a small essay. It's easier.

I'm curious and wary about 2018. A paid-off mortgage is huge, but it can't be at the expense of my emergency fund. Work will change again; the upcoming election will see to that. The household includes four cats and a dog. That's the line, though. Last year taught the adult me that three cats are plenty, but I'm glad Dandelion joined the gang. He's sleeping on my lap at the moment, resting between destructive rampages. Avery is asleep at my feet, and I'm glad she's here, too. When the weather warms up a bit, we'll resume our walks.

I'm learning to say "thank you, Lord," no matter what. It's called the "sacrifice of praise," and it's a sacrifice because, while I don't always feel thankful, if I believe God is good - and I do - then whatever comes will result in good ultimately.

That's my belief for 2018. Whatever comes, good will result ultimately.

Happy New Year, folks.

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