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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

It Continues

Hit the first hiccup last night. I didn't know what to write about next. That can be a problem. So I cleaned litter boxes and took the trash out and washed dishes while I thought about it. Subsequently, I wrote about an hour, but I wrote a bit over 600 words. I'll take it as a win.

Having the little counter up the corner helps. I'm not generally a "must write this much per day" kind of person, but since I'm usually at the keyboard anyway, I may as well write as not.

If my math is right, I'm now 1/8 finished with my first draft. That can't be right. Then again, I guess it could.

The virtual world has been void of writers the past few days. I can only guess this has to do with approaching Christmas. This is the time of year for decorating, shopping, family get-togethers and whatnot. Doesn't leave a lot of time for writing. Probably another excellent reason for not starting a book in December.

Except I'm not starting it. I'm continuing it. Take that, Anne Lamott! 

Crazyhair Vaulter published at NAF this morning. It was good to see her. I was beginning to worry the other Borg had left the turtle to run the spaceship by herself.

Elder Brother dropped by to assure me my computer Internet issues are not my fault. Good. One less thing.

I will have to contact Support about my continuing website issues, however. Those are not resolving themselves.

I'd like nothing better than to return to bed this morning. I seem to be trying to get a cold. I will not succumb. Our office Christmas party is this Friday and I will eat salmon and creme brulee! This I swear.

Well, not swear. I don't swear. But it is my goal.

Wow, this is a totally boring post. I hope I do better at Virtual Buttercups.


  1. I posted late last night. My days are consumed with shopping, cleaning and silliness this month. :D

  2. I'm here! I'm here! I don't do the silliness, mostly. I too bemoan the dearth of conversation. Come talk to me!

  3. Hello, ladies! Good to know I'm not alone out here in the black. Time was when I wouldn't have cared. No longer the case, I fear.


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