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Monday, October 25, 2010

Recovery and Rearranging

In the cold light of my last vacation day - a Monday at that - I see I had a great weekend. It felt great, but so does being drunk, I've been told. I wouldn't know. I have no experience with drinking alcohol. The upside of not being drunk and feeling great is I have nothing to regret.

I've done a little rearranging today. One of my birthday presents was a signed pen and ink drawing called "Dragon" by Sue Coccia. I bought a mat and a frame, I used the mat and the frame and I hung the mat and the frame and the picture. All in one day. I'm exhausted.

Unless you live in a brand new house, hanging a picture is not an easy thing. I either had to remove a picture from an existing vignette or move a bunch of pictures to create a new vignette. I did both.

TT: If you follow Virtual Buttercups, you know I'm all about vignettes.

All my public walls are different now, but I am mostly happy. I have one wall that needs a bit more on it, but I'll have to root around my closets for pictures I wasn't using.

I also realized pictures look better on a dark wall than a light wall. Half my walls are pale yellow, half my walls are dark sage green. But I am NOT painting my walls. I have other things to do than procrastinate at the moment. And I'd have to take down all these pictures...

The rearranging mood also hit this blog. As I'm adding "Blogs I Follow," I'm resenting space given to other things, like "About Me" and the blog archive. So "About Me" is now the page "The Real Turtle" and you can click on it if you like. I even put up a real picture of me. If my anonymous follower from last September still reads this blog, he can hop over there and see my true face. Half of it, anyway.

The blog archive remains but it is now a drop-down field taking up almost no space.
Feel free to let me know your opinion of the changes.

I'm considering removing "Followers," except I like seeing when someone new cares enough to join up. Maybe I'll remove it later.

Segueway...I asked my lamb to "suggest" my RT FB page to her Friends. "They won't read you," she said.

Ouch! We value honesty in my family, but I'm gonna have to teach her about tact. Maybe she can learn it younger than I did.

She's absolutely right, of course. I haven't written one thing on that page that would appeal to a normal teenager. Which begs the question, how can I be all things to all people? Well, I can't. I'll reach out to the teens when I have something to offer. They have four-second attention spans anyway. No point trying to grab it too soon.

I have informed a few friends and will now inform the others my plan for the remainder of the month is to finish revising Elementals. My goal is 100K words.

TT: Terry Burns explained anything over that amount increases the cost of the book. Knowing this, I am more than happy to reduce the word count. See, I need a reason to conform. This never used to be the case, but I'm older now, a bit lazier and less naive. Well...slightly less.

Just because this is my plan does not mean I will achieve it. I'm just planning it.

And I may try one more time to utilize that November Writing Month thing to puke out Past Ties. I've heard goal word counts from 30K to 50K. I don't think I could make either of those, but I could set a "2 hour per night time limit." I've done that before. I can fresh-write about a page an hour.
Another reason I'm a turtle. It will cut into my farm time, but not too much. I have 1-day crops to master yet.

Tomorrow I return to my normal life. I regret nothing.

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