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Tuesday, October 26, 2010


My computer screen has changed somehow. It seems smaller to me. I've fiddled with the "zoom," but it just seems wrong. Oh well.

Elementals revision began in earnest last night. I don't have much month left to finish this.

TT: I'm trying to ignore my previous lessons with submission, which were "you'll never hear from the publisher again except to be rejected." That can't always be true. On the off-chance this time will be different, I should be ready.  

I'm a bit concerned but trying to stay calm. I'm almost halfway through and still have almost 7K words to cut. I haven't discarded much the last two times I've sat down with it. Then again, the "Dyana" parts are more worked over than the "Glorya" parts. If I haven't worked it out by The End, I'll ask for reader suggestions. Maybe The Lioness will again grace me with her skills.

Mostly I'm rearranging sentences to take out a word here and a word there. A few times I've slashed entire paragraphs - blocks of "telling" that read more like "notes to self" than part of the story. Oh, and removing "that." I have a few "thats" no matter how carefully I write around them.

That's about it for this morning. I'm a bit tired from vacation and wishing I could go back to bed for a three-hour nap instead of go to work for an eight-hour not-nap. Oh well. God willing, I'll sleep tonight.

After more revising.

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