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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Normal? Not Me

My parents were relatively normal. I had a relatively normal childhood. My brothers... well, they're not that normal, but they do seem able to integrate into normal society with little fuss.

Why, then, do I continue to be the weird one?

Is it my firm belief that most people are, at the least, unaware, and therefore I should not model my life after theirs?

Is it my belief that current culture is inherently unhealthy in every sense and therefore should be eschewed?

Is it my determination to live my life according to natural and Biblical principles because I've learned doing so allows me to function at my best?

I don't know.

I do know I go to bed when it's dark and get up when the sun rises, whenever those times happen to be. I could never live in Alaska. I'd go insane.

I know I keep my house at 82 in the summer and 68 in the winter because seasons exist. Having the technology to maintain a constant temperature doesn't make it right to do so. (Doesn't make it wrong, either, but why live in a place with seasons when you ignore them?)

I know without enough sleep I get cranky, baggy-eyed and haggard. Don't call me after 9. I'll be in bed, and I will make you pay for the interruption.

I know practicing respect for all life makes me calm. I don't allow flies to live because I think they're reincarnated souls. I allow them to live because killing them harms my soul. I hate death. I hate contributing to it.

TT: Oddly enough, I am not a vegetarian. I think God's permission to eat animals was real. But I do advocate the respectful treatment of animals, even those we raise for food. And I could never eat an animal I've known. If I had to kill it, I would starve to death.

So, I remain Weird Robynn (or Weird Aunt Robynn to the nieces). I'm totally okay with that. Normal is vastly over-rated in my opinion.

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