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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I Told You So

I knew it was coming. I said it was coming. Guess what? It's here. The Time Crunch.

Crafting Cottages appeared finally (WOO-HOO) on FV, but all the recipes have 6 hour maturation rates. That's not okay for those of us (I use "us" loosely) with a real life. It hasn't stopped me from making 4 batches, but, still...

Plus, some of my neighbors are stumped by the Cottage concept, so I wrote a quick primer late last night on Virtual Buttercups and posted it to FB. Later than usual for me, but apparently I care enough about FV to stay up. If only that were true for things that really matter.

It's the first time I've posted something to FB from one of my blogs. I've added buttons that let anybody do it, so, if you're a FB Friend and you think I've written something your Friends would want to read, feel free to post it to your Wall.

It's one week before the Kansas Primary, and all the campaigns I work for need that last-minute volunteer push to get people out and voting (hopefully for the right person, but, hey, who am I to know who that is?). We decided last night to hold two rallies in the next 3 days. That's time. Time well-spent, I hope, but time.

Allow me to put in a little plug for Kris Kobach, running for Sec of State. He is the guy who helped Arizona write the new immigration law that's causing all the fuss. He is also the guy who will work to safeguard Kansas elections from voter fraud. He's spent his entire professional career doing just that as a Constitutional professor and lawyer. I personally agree with him that voter protection is a civil rights issue. If my vote can be cancelled by a dead person, my right just got infringed. I'm not okay with that.

And, last but not least, the revision bug is biting me about Elementals. I read the mss this weekend. I have some work to do and I'd like to get it done and move on to Past Ties.

I was listening to an interview yesterday with a Christian author who has written 49 books. After the interview was over, the interviewer was joking about writing two books at once and getting the plots confused. It was a silly joke (sorry, Tim) but it was true. I could not possibly write two books at once, any more than I can ride a bike and drive a car at the same time. I doubt any author could do it (or do it well). But I also don't believe people can "multi-task." Everybody does one task at a time. Some may do it faster. Some may do tasks within tasks, such as washing and folding clothes. But it is still one task at at time. Anyone who can do something else has a brain disorder. That could be my professional opinion.

So, I will focus on my one task at a time, doing my best to use each minute well.

I wish I were the kind of person who could put my unrushed time to better use. But this is why I would make a lousy vampire. I need the deadlines, and they have to be imposed by someone else.

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