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Friday, July 30, 2010

Go To Bed

Why is our culture so hostile to sleep?

I like sleeping. I like dreaming. I like 4-hour naps with the cats surrounding me and the dog beside me. I don't always get those, but I like them when I do. I guard my sleep time, sometimes with sleep-deprived hostility.

I seem (once again) to be the exception. My Lamb has fought sleep all her post-womb life. My Friends regularly post to FB in the wee hours of the morning, and I'm not talking my wee hours of 4 AM, 'cause that's when I get up. For these folks, if they're posting at 4 AM, it's because they haven't been to bed yet. According to the ratings, somebody is up watching The Tonight Show. Is that really necessary?

I learned in college that sleep prior to midnight is worth more than sleep after midnight by a 2-to-1 ratio. One hour of 10 PM sleep is worth two hours of 2 AM sleep.

It's no wonder the world is so cranky. I'd suffer from road rage, too, if I'd had a three-hour nap where my good night's sleep was supposed to be. I'm cranky right now after two days of missing my bedtime deadline by more than an hour.

I recently heard this author on Focus on the Family. He recommends turning off all stimulus at least one hour before bedtime. That means radio, TV, computer, IPhone: all of it. We can't sleep because we don't give our brains time to slow down and get ready for it. I can attest to that. After a day of inputting, I need some time to process. If I don't get it while I'm awake, I pay for it at bedtime.
It was a fabulous interview, and, I suspect, it is a fabulous book. You can also get it through Focus on the Family.

Anyway, that's my musing for the day. I have to decide whether to see My Lamb's play tonight and miss my bedtime or tomorrow night and miss my bedtime.

Tough choice.

Just saw this on FB. My thanks to David James for putting it up there. Takes about four and a half minutes. She does mention sleep...

Baby Girl Babbling About Some Hilarious Topics

Just click on the link and enjoy! Then go to bed.

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