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Sunday, August 1, 2010


I stood on a street corner yesterday in the middle of the day and waved a sign for a candidate I support. It was hot, although thankfully God sent a lovely breeze and partly cloudy skies. I took my green umbrella as a sunshade, and I was glad to have it.

I had plenty of time for reflection on that corner. I've participated in the Chain of Life Network twice, so I know how to stand and pray in public while holding a sign. My sign this time was far less controversial than those times.

I prayed for those cars passing by. I prayed for our country, our judges, our President, our lawmakers, specifically those fighting the good fight. I prayed for family and friends and their futures. I asked for mercy on those who will sooner than they think feel the full force of this administration's terrible laws.

I couldn't help but wonder why I stood mostly alone. There were some other campaigners there, but my candidate had only me. Where were those who said they supported him? It was only two hours. Yes, it was hot, but not Mojave Desert hot. Could no one be interrupted for two hours on a Saturday? What else was so important?

Now, I don't have a lot of room to throw stones here. Actually the one who throws stones is generally the one with the most stones to throw (I think that's a quote from one of my books). We emailed almost a 1000 people about this event and got one "yes" back. I don't think that "yes" even showed.
I don't like to be interrupted. Call it my "linear nature," but I move in one direction at a time, and I don't care to be knocked off course.

But Jesus got interrupted all the time. He didn't whine or pout or snarl about it. He adapted. He used the time to good advantage and advanced the kingdom.

I am trying to be more open to interruptions when they happen. After all, is it more important that I harvest my FV crops or visit my remaining grandmother? I try to plan my day to do both.

It's called Eternal Perspective. It's hard to maintain in a time-limited world where life flies at us from all directions, but maintain it we must.

So, even when it's hot and annoying, I'm going to go wave that sign or hand out those water bottles or attend that judicial committee meeting. Does it interrupt my day? You bet. But it's important.

When I can apply this to sharing my faith, I'll really have achieved something.

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