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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Do Movies Run Through Your Head?

I was lying in bed, regretting that late night M&M Sonic Blast as only the lactose intolerant can, mentally reciting lines from Conan the Destroyer when it occurred to me not everyone may do that.

A few weeks ago I started posting a daily "where's it from?" movie quote on my FB wall. Now, I write it early in the morning, so it's likely many of my Friends don't even know it's there. Elder Brother has certainly failed to chime in on occasions when I know for a fact he would recognize the quote, but he has other things to do.

I've been surprised by who knows which movies. I've been amused by a few who've never seen the movies but feel compelled to answer. Seems you can find just about anything with Google nowadays. Is it cheating? Shrug. Only if I gave a real prize instead of a "well done!"

Fact is, every quote I post is one that happens to be running through my head at the time. In my life, I've watched 100s if not 1000s of movies, and I remember stunning amounts of trivial information from those I like.

I am an audio/visual learner. One of the reasons I did so well in school. Auditory learning is my main strength. Couple it with watching a teacher do stuff while droning on, and you have a student who can ace almost any test given within a few weeks of said lecture. You also have a human who imprints movies like a duckling imprints its mother upon hatching.

I suspect I can quote nearly verbatim any movie I really like. So I Married An Axe Murderer was memorized in two sittings. The Money Pit, Galaxy Quest, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (the live action version from 1980 complete with soundtrack) - no problem. I actually hold back my quoting capacity in company "because I'm tired of being stared at (where's it from? It's a paraphrase)."

I've done this most of my life. Decades ago, a friend finally figured out that "key words" trigger this knee jerk need to quote. I suspect I could speak only in movie quotes for some time. Add in TV shows, and I would never utter another original sentence. Remember that Star Trek NG episode with the aliens who only spoke in metaphors? Like that.

But I don't. I keep it for those few close friends who don't stare, and the late night Sonic Blast regret sessions. How about you?

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  1. If Elder Brother guessed all the movie lines on FB then what would your other FB Friends do for entertainment?


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