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Thursday, February 4, 2010

It Worked!

It pays to have a geek in the family. Elder Brother came through again. Using a tiny digital camera, a tripod and a work light, he was able to photograph and enhance everything I brought him. Here's a taste.

These are the figures I sculpted myself (dog, squirrel, goat wearing two saddlebags). I now wish I'd put something next to them for scale. Suffice to say, the dog's base would sit on a penny with room to spare.

The rest will be loaded on my website this weekend, possibly during the Super Bowl.

Technology is amazing. Consider what it takes for a camera to capture an image like this. Or cell phones. Or phones, for that matter. I remember when a phone call to my relatives in Hawaii had a five minute time lapse between responses, and cost a small mortgage to make. Now, it's instantaneous and included as part of a world-wide calling plan for $100 a month. Truly amazing. That's the free market at work, boys and girls. What people want, they find a way to create and sell.

Well, I've more Sandbox stories waiting for my attention this morning. Elder Brother isn't the only geek in the world. He's my favorite, though. Thank you, Eric!

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