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Wednesday, February 3, 2010


The role players out there (who don't dress up, that is) understand what I mean when I say I have figures of my characters for Star of Justice.

A figure is a tiny representation of your character to use during the game, like the game pieces in Monopoly. I was always the dog in Monopoly.

An entire industry exists around figures, and nowadays, you can find almost anything you want to represent you in 1:16 scale (or something like that) from almost any fictional universe in print or production. Figures start out gray metal (nickel, I think, or pewter for the really nice ones), but for the real hard-core geeks, they end up painted in excruciating detail. Mine even have pupils. That's done with a one-hair brush, a magnifying glass and no caffeinated drinks for 24 hours prior.

I have figures for Caissa, Merritt, Kirk, Horus, Indira, Galena and Raven. I couldn't find a figure I liked for Jasper, so I made my own out of Sculpey. While I was at it, I made Bramble the goat and Skeevie the squirrel. They were Raven's animal companions when I played her, although those two do not appear in Star of Justice. The squirrel is about 1/16 of an inch tall and absolutely adorable.

I very much hope Elder Brother has a camera that can capture these figures. I want to put them on my website Star of Justice page so my fans can know what I was thinking while I was writing. We'll find out tonight, I hope.

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  1. Actually most figures are made of lead (from the Elder Brother Geek Files)...


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