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Friday, February 5, 2010

I Couldn't Wait

Normally, I have no problem with patience. However, last night I was home, I was watching Fringe (better than the last two weeks but still following a disturbingly "sappy" trend in the storyline), and I was at the computer. Perfect mix for doing a little website updating.

You may now see "pictures" of most of the major characters from Star of Justice on the book page.
I never found figures I liked for Rhami and Gamaliel, my two wizards. I never role-played them, either, so figures weren't imperative. I did use Rhami as POV for the written version of whatever adventure Galena was in. Those of you who've read the book know how. Those of you who haven't, contact Jeff the Publisher and urge him to change that situation. 0 : - )

I also added a few links to my Interesting Sites page: Traveller7, aka Kenneth Bliss, and almarquardt, aka A.L. Marquardt. Both had entries in the MLS Main Contest and have websites instead of blogs, or I would have linked them here long ago. Feel free to toodle over to their sites and remember to sign their guestbooks.

I'll be adding a bit more to the website this weekend. Pictures of the real Jasper, for one. Yes, he is a real dog. He's taken The Long Step to the green fields of heaven, but thankfully, I had a camera handy for his last years.

Hopefully, the waiting won't be too hard on you. Happy Friday, people.

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