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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Scattering

I miss the contest.

I'll admit it. For all the freaking out about my entry, I miss the excitement. I miss a myriad of authors focusing their energies on discussing the craft. I miss hearing the good and bad points of using the word "said" in your story. Well, I don't miss that, but you get my point.

If the contest was The Gathering and "There Can Be Only One," now that The One is chosen, the rest of us (who were not decapitated in this scenario) are slinking back to the real world.

Some have vanished from the boards. Some are moving forward in their own marketing attempts. Wordcrafter has set up a New Authors Blog at wordpress which looks interesting. Some have connected on Facebook. Some are playing in The Sandbox.

I wait for the email from Jeff the Publisher either thanking-but-no-thanking-me or requesting a full manuscript. My shaky math skills tell me to wait until mid-February before I ask if he's forgotten me. I'm sure he's busier than I am.

I suppose I should be grateful my schedule is so full. It leaves less time for wallowing in despair that all my new friends have rediscovered their old lives.

Still, I find myself somewhat lonely in my field of buttercups.

The last time I was engulfed with despair, I wrote the Star of Justice chapters where Caissa turns suicidal. I figured why waste a good funk? Writing is about emotion, after all. Reading about other people's emotions is almost as good as feeling your own.

This time I'm starting with a suicidal character, so I have plenty of emotional material to work with. So, thank you for that, Lord. (I'm not suicidal, by the way, just a little sad. Probably has as much to do with Day Seven of The Fog as anything else)

And, Jeff is discussing possible rules for the MLS 2.0, if it should happen. If you have thoughts on the subject, mosey over to The Anomaly and put in your words of wisdom. Be warned: dizzyjam wrote a small book on the subject in his most recent post. I couldn't get through the whole thing, but maybe you have more time ;)

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