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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Locked Out

It finally happened. I locked myself out of my house.

The good news - I was still wearing my coat, and the dog was outside with me instead of wreaking unsupervised havoc inside.

The bad news - it was 10 PM, my cell phone was inside the house with my purse, and apparently the nearest key is 20 minutes away.

A neighbor let me use his phone to call my brother, who does not have a key like I thought he did. He called my mom because I couldn't remember the unlisted cell number of My Dear Friend who lives in town and has a key. I went back to my house, sat on the back porch in the cold with my dog (who doesn't mind the cold and didn't want to snuggle) and waited for rescue.

Simon watched me from the kitchen window the whole time, no doubt wondering what my silly human brain was thinking, staying outside when his cat belly was empty. I could hear Caleb crying and pawing at the door. He's big enough to reach the lock, which left me pondering whether I could train him to unlock the door and whether that would be a good or bad thing.

A real person would turn this into some kind of spiritual lesson. God was teaching me to rely on Him. Or, with God, the door is always open. Or, I should be grateful I have a house to be locked out of (I did pray for the people of Haiti while I was waiting).

Sorry. I'm not that kind of gal. I did review some Scripture verses I'm memorizing thanks to the Bible study I'm in: 2 Chronicles 7:14, James 4:8, Isaiah 29:11-13.

You may notice a theme. They're all about seeking God through prayer and confession of sin. It's that kind of study.

You know what I spent most of my time considering? That telekinesis is the most useful superpower.

When I sat down on the porch, I thought, Man, if I were telepathic I could contact My Dear Friend without a phone. Then I thought, Snot, if I'm wishing for powers, telekinesis would let me unlock the door. And change the TV channel without a remote. And pull leaves out of my gutters without having to climb a ladder.

Yes, that's where my brain goes in a crisis. That's why I write fantasy fiction and not devotionals. It isn't that I don't love God and can't appreciate how He takes care of me.

My brain just goes to weird places.

So today, I'll be making two spare keys, one for my brother and one for my garage. I suppose after nine years, it's time to have a safety net. I will also devote a portion of my time to trying to change the lock with the power of my mind.

Hey, a girl can dream, right?

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