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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Running In Place

Time is slipping away, slip, slip, slipping away.

Our Sunday School is reading the whole Bible in a year, which involves daily Bible reading. I am almost caught up from when I was sick. I will achieve this goal, no matter that our class is still on Genesis 1:1 nineteen days into the year.

I am part of a Bible study for the next two months that is preparing me to facilitate the study when it goes church-wide in March, which will last another two months. This involves daily homework, which, if last night was any gauge, will involve one to two hours at a stretch.

I am a leadership member of two political groups ramping up efforts to safeguard elections here in Kansas this November. These groups have meetings and emails and rallys and all kinds of time-consuming stuff involved with them.

I have joined a critique group called The Sandbox with members who are submitting excerpts for critique faster than I can sign on to my email. I am also critiquing a book on the side for a new friend from MLS. I take critiquing very seriously, but as a turtle, it takes me a while to consider stuff.

I also want to write my own book. I know that takes time.

The good part is I have only a furry family to juggle with all this. They are remarkably forgiving when a can of cat food or doggie treat is offered. We will increase our "laser tag" time to make up it, I'm sure.

Some of you are thinking, "So? You should see my schedule."

I can only say, I am not accustomed to this kind of demand. I have spent most of my life ordering my world to avoid it. Type B, remember? I am struggling to find the balance. There must be a balance, because I cannot maintain this pace. Turtles (other than Gamora) don't have a "turbo" setting.

Add to this The Fog that has covered my state for six days and blocked me from my much needed sunshine fix, and I'm about ready to turn the computer off and vanish from the electronic world for a while.

Thanks to all the Bible study, I expect Satan to attack any time now. That's okay. God has my back, and He's enough.

So, I'll be praying for you all (that's part of my homework). Please pray for me when you have a spare minute.

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