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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Last Day to Vote in Phase 3

I want to believe tomorrow is not bothering me. Last night's restless sleep (for once, not attributable to cats - yea!) tells me differently. I had the feeling I was missing the deadline. Odd, since I voted several days ago. It was a little bit high school nightmarish. You know, you forgot your homework, but you're really 38 and high school has been over for a while? That kind of thing. I had a nightmare three years after I graduated that I had to take my master's degree oral exam the next day. Woke up in a cold sweat.

I don't want to spend tomorrow with a post-weeping headache. Those are rarely good days.

I finally compared the voting totals for the various phases. I'm no statistician (despite that last boring college class), but I was curious.

Seems aside from the first slam of 779 voters in phase one of the main contest, voters are, for the most part, holding steady around the 500 mark. I'm not even going to try to interpret the number of votes cast. That way lies madness for the math-challenged turtle.

Phase 2 saw a drop in participation in the main contest and an increase in the premise contest. That makes sense. Several people on the boards who were in the main contest and didn't advance have admitted to turning their attention to the premise contest now that every waking minute isn't spent thinking about whether they'll win the prize. That was a long sentence.

With one day left, all the procrastinators may show up in droves and add another couple hundred to the tallies. Polls close at 11 PM Central time today.

It has occurred to me that with the race so close, and only 10 spots available, we're playing a game of musical chairs. With only one vote separating 20 and 21 last phase, this could be interesting. I wonder if Jeff the Publisher has a contingency plan for multiple-ties.

I'm so glad I'm not running this contest. I would have eaten my own hair by now.

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