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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

For Me, the Contest Is Over

I noticed that yesterday was my 100th post. In TV, that would mean I could now be in syndication.

Star of Justice did not advance. I am not crying. I am not shaking. I feel, for the most part, completely normal.

My dear readers should know by now I handle failure better than success. Success frightens me.

The irony is Dying for Dragons, the only other premise I started a thread for, did advance! Chuckle. God has a sense of humor.

Congratulations to the author of Winter (wink). I told you it would move forward.

My intention is to revisit the remaining 10 and try to look at them with new eyes. Most of them haven't interested me genre-wise since the beginning, but we'll see if 500 words makes the difference.

In the main contest, I was more surprised to find neither Sword of the Patron nor Vinnie's Diner advanced. I'm starting to think a vote from me is the kiss of death. Except The Last Apostle moved forward, and I voted for it, too.

I will post a feedback thread for Star of Justice. I'm waiting for someone else to do one first so I know where to put it. I've been trying to compose an appropriately humble yet cheeky intro for the thread. Something like "With straightened shoulders and one raised eyebrow, I step forward to claim Star of Justice as my own. I welcome anyone so inclined to offer whatever they feel is appropriate."

Although, wow, that sounds stiff yet geeky. So maybe not that. I'll think about it.

My thanks to everyone who took part in the contest on my behalf. Please don't stop just because I'm out of it.


  1. Hey... this contest is really just subjective anyway. The only real prize here is just getting moved to the top of the stack. And maybe bragging rights, but who cares about that?

    You're still in the stack. And my guess is that Jeff is keeping his eye on this contest closer than we think. I imagine that several have already been "moved" in the stack, or "stacking the deck" as it were. Just because you don't make it to the top three, doesn't mean he won't slip you in fourth or fifth, while pointing across the room and uttering, "Hey! What's that?" I think he's sneaky that way.

  2. As I told you, I am taking this harder than you are but that is probably because I know how good you are EVEN if I AM YOUR MOTHER!!!!! Thank you wordcrafter for your kind words and I agree. Jeff seems to be on the watch all the time and I love the way he thinks, just like one of my own kids. Rob, you are good...see you tonight...love you.Mom

  3. Robynn, I am glad you have this blog. Diane


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