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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Day One

I made good on my threat and bought St. John's Wort last night. It wasn't easy. As I turned down the main street toward Health Food Mart, I spotted an accident between me and that intersection. Figuring God wouldn't cause an accident to prevent me from procuring over-the-counter drugs, I went out of my way and got to the store by another route.

TT: The part about me knowing what God would do is pure sarcasm. I've recently discovered I have no idea what God will or won't do, and I'm determined not to comment on His actions anymore.

When I last took St. John's Wort, it acted like a euphoric and I traded attention to detail for ability to get up in the morning and not cry all day. At the time, it was a fair trade. This time around I expect a less dramatic effect (mostly because I'm not treating a nervous breakdown). I'm hoping it will be more of a mood enhancer that provides energy to do the things I love until whatever potential chemical issue is happening rights itself.

The bottle contains 60 pills. We'll see what happens over the next 30.

On another bright note, my kick scooter arrived yesterday. It's a Lux A5 Razor for adults ('cause I needed the extra weight limit, ehem) and it's totally awesome. It weighs about 10 lbs and collapses into a skateboard-sized bundle for easy storage in Lavender Squeak. Last night's test run shows I'll need some practice but not as much as I feared. It also showed my right leg is stronger than my left, so I have a goal if I want to be an ambidextrous kick scooterer.

Here's a fact: I've always wanted a kick scooter but I never knew they made them for adults. I'm actually really excited to have one.

My last Wednesday started great, too, and turned to a steaming pile of compost, but this is a whole new week with no sign of the DMV on the horizon, so I'm going to think positive until something knocks me unconscious.

Happy Halloween, dear readers. Be safe. 

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