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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Easing In

I've been a bit absent the last six weeks. Playing Farmville, yes, but not doing much of anything else except critiquing for a couple of friends and following the normal Christmas season hullabaloo.

TT: It's funny. Since I ranted about how much I hate Christmas, I actually enjoyed this one a bit more. It helped to know I'm not the only one who feels that way.

I put my WIP on hold about mid-November, so that's a project I will resume. We'll see how much I can crank out in the next 35 days or so. I've pretty much forgotten where I was so I'll have to pull out my notes and review.

At work, I'm told this is the busiest time of year for business filings. With two co-workers on vacation, it should be an interesting week. I don't know if I'll be brain-dead when I get home or so stressed out I'll need to write to relax. Guess I'll find out.

My Kindle Touch (ordered in late October) arrived late November, so I've been reading snippets of H.P. Lovecraft, Grace Bridges, and Roland Yeomans electronically.

I can say it. I love the Kindle. I didn't get the fancy one. It doesn't surf the internet, other than Amazon, and I have to go to my coffee shop to use their free wireless, but it's exactly what I wanted. Best birthday present I've ever given myself.

Way better than those leather pants.


  1. That should be Amazon's new slogan: Buy a Kindle. It's better than leather pants.:D

  2. I got a Kindle for Christmas too. Not the Touch, but I did get the Keyboard one, so I can put notes in the Bible and do proofing on it if I want. I mainly asked for that model because it had double the memory and 30% more battery life for only 20 bucks extra. The keyboard was gravy. I bought a vinyl "skin" on eBay so now it's all pimped out with dolphins. Love my skins. Kinda like (fake) leather pants for electronics. LOL


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