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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Split Personality

I added the "personality" for you, Kat, lest you thought this post was about sundaes. *evil grin*

While wandering the blog world this morning, noticing the many and varied aspects of the writing world, once again I am struck by how much there is to know.

Writing is a business as well as an art.

TT: Those business books I'm reading say everything is a business, but what do they know? Spoil sports.

A savvy writer is supposed to know trends, competition, price points, contract laws - all kinds of stuff. Enough stuff for a full time job and a half.

Not saying I'm a savvy writer. Far from it. In fact, I have a day job.

How do people split themselves into all these spheres of interest? I started with three blogs about my top three interests at the time: writing, politics and Farmville (those are listed in order of creation, not order of importance, hehe!) I quickly learned I don't have the mental energy to devote myself fully to all three interests all the time.

As I seek to improve myself with all this business reading, I'm trying to be more "present" at work. That's exhausting! No wonder I avoided it for so long. So, I'm wearing myself out during the day to come home and pour more energy into other things.

TT: Part of me thinks this is what people call "growing up." No wonder I've avoided that, too.

I've tried to balance the amount of time spent on each things each day, but that just doesn't work. I end up with 30 minute segments and no real attention given during that time.

I'm not willing to give up my interests. They are important to me and I'm not built to be only one thing, unless it's hungry.

I'm wondering if the key is cycles. The energy level remains the same, but the focus may shift depending on the needs of the moment or the future. Writing fantasy? Political blogging will have to wait a bit. Election cycle? No outside reading. New Farmville feature? Oh, yeah, everything else stops.

TT: Mostly kidding there. Farmville is like eating to me. I just do it and move on.

I'm gonna have to find a way to make it work. Like everything else in my life, "slow and steady" may play a part. Plant the crop, reap the harvest. Read one thing a day, gain the knowledge. Pay attention now and benefit later.

If this works, I deserve a sundae. A turtle sundae.

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  1. Not banana split, then? hehe

    Ah, the juggling of interests. I'm the same way, sort of cycling from one to the next. I tend to focus, focus, focus on one thing, then shift to something else. Writing has decided to stick around, but within that sphere, I shift from novel to short story to marketing, back to novel, etc.


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