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Wednesday, June 8, 2011


We'll try this post again.

Last week, a female co-worker asked where I got my pants.

First reply "no idea."

This happens to me quite a lot, actually, the not knowing where my clothes come from. I shop so rarely, you'd think I'd be able to name each piece and the date, but no. I inherit clothes the same way I inherit furniture.

After thinking a moment, I said, "They might have been grandma's."

At which point, I heard a snicker from another office.

He's allowed a snicker or two. It's a ridiculous thing to say. How many near 40 year olds would admit to wearing the clothes of a woman over twice her age?

Well, you have to understand a few things.

One, Grandma Byrd and I were almost exactly the same shape. In her younger days, she was one inch taller than me, but otherwise, we were identical. I have pictures of her at my age wearing dresses I now have and have worn and we could be the same person. It's a bit scary. Although osteoporosis twisted her up near the end, she never gained a great deal of weight. Her clothing sizes remained the same.

Two, Grandma Byrd wore separates, like me. She preferred slacks and a shirt to a dress. She also wore funny socks. I suspect I'll pick that up eventually.

Three, Grandma Byrd was far more stylish than I will ever be. To wear her clothes is a serious step up for my wardrobe. I tend toward bohemian - lots of crochet, loose shirts and long, baggy skirts with Sketchers. I generally prefer comfort to anything else. It's not like I have to look at me.

TT: Mom continually threatens to turn me in to What Not To Wear, but it would be useless because a) I know how to dress better, I just don't, and b) you'd have to drug me unconscious to get me on a plane and I'd spend the next week throwing up during shoots anyway, so what's the point?

Therefore, my co-worker can snicker all he likes, but I'll go on wearing grandma's clothes and look better for the change. You can ask mom.


  1. Vintage is in Robynn! There are two stores in Champaign, IL that have all vintage clothes. It's all the rage in the big cities around here. You just be you! Phooey on the male coworker. He has issues!

  2. You do know, I hope, that by your title I assumed this post would be about candy bars. Hm.

    That said, good for you. Be yourself. People snicker at the stupidest things, anyway :P.

  3. Hey, Michelle! The nymph part of my favorite faun-nymph combo in college! And with a darling little nymphette, too. Congrats!
    Actually, the male co-worker is more stylish than me, too. Hard to find someone who isn't. Outside of Walmart, that is.

    I'm surprised, Kat. Normally I'm all about the food. hehe!


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