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Thursday, June 16, 2011

So Much Fun

Vaulter pestered me into giving her Star of Justice to read.

For the record, I'm not withholding the mss out of fear. I've had about 8 non-writers read it and give constructive criticism on plot. I could use a few writers to do the same.

I hate to ask people to read it because it's enormous. Last time I counted, 166K enormous. That's a lot of words to read for busy people with other, smaller, technically more pressing projects on their laptops.

For whatever reason, Vaulter took up the gauntlet on her own whim. She's been sending chapters ever since.

Which reminds me, her new second name is Shredder.

Anyway, I'd forgotten how much I love Star of Justice. There's a fond place in my heart when I think of it, but I haven't really looked at it in a while.

It still makes me smile, and laugh, and cry. I love the people. I love the problems. I can't believe this is my first book. Elementals may have more polish and read faster and reach a different audience, but Star of Justice is my first born, and I love it.

It's not perfect, as Vaulter's red comments will attest, but it's not hopeless.

Even better, I'm reminded how much fun writing can be. When I'm not writing Past Ties, that is. It may be time to set Past Ties aside and start (or finish) something else. Something fun.

Perhaps the Star of Justice sequel.

Willy Wonka may have the right of it.

"You can't go back. You've gotta go forward to go back. Better to press on."


  1. "So Much Fun," huh? I think you're just having fun coming up with nicknames for your critters ;). Hehe.

  2. She tells the truth, I am very good at pestering. And this first born has excellent bones. Thanks for sharing it with me.


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