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Friday, June 17, 2011

No Time

"There never seems to be enough time to do the things that you want to do once you find them."
I don't know who originally sang that song, but in my brain, the voice is Roger Whittaker.

It always comes down to time, doesn't it?

When I wrote Star of Justice, I had no friends. OK, I had one, but she was sporadic in her attentions. No Facebook. No 2-3 hour phone calls from all over the States. No blogs. No Farmville.

In short, nothing but me and the computer.

Well, I had church, but I'm ashamed to admit attendance took a back seat to writing on more than one occasion. I just couldn't spare the time. I had a book and it needed out right now!

My life is fuller than it was. Friends call. Facebook beckons. Family needs attention, and I'm happy to give it.

But it can really take a bite of my writing time.

All of which means, I love you, but if I don't answer, I'm writing. Hopefully, you'll forgive me when the book comes out.


  1. Write like the wind! (this said by Dusty Bottoms from Three Amigos)

    I totally relate. We all do and we make allowances.


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