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Friday, April 1, 2011

What Field?

This year I've noticed more professionals. I'm sure they existed prior to this year, but, like the woman who buys a new car and then sees it at every stoplight, I'm noticing them.

Dave Ramsey, the financial expert. Seth Godin, Internet marketing guru. The guy last night who has worked in business systems analysis and accounting for 25 years and speaks with authority on the subject. Compelling authority.

Where's my field? Why am I not an expert in something? I have 20 years behind me, 11 in the same industry. 

The obvious answer is I don't care about anything enough to become an expert. This would be an addendum to the "lack of passion" whining theme running through the blog over the past year. Hard to become an expert by accident, although it may not be impossible.

TT: I have also noticed as I seek to become more involved, more proactive, more useful to my customers (and that includes my so-called employer), I may have accidentally picked up more knowledge than I suspected. I do know a lot about my industry. Not as much as I could have had I paid attention all these years, but enough to surprise me.

But, an expert? Hardly. I'm just playing in the dirt.

You know, this is what happens when you wake up and start looking around. You wonder "why am I so far behind on the game board of Life?" Is this covetousness? I don't like it.

I didn't use to have these thoughts. I used to be content with my little house and my numerous cats and my satisfactory if not substantial paycheck.

When I deal with folks now, I measure them. What have they done? What knowledge or skill set have they accrued/are they accruing? Are they experts or phonies? Can they do something I can, only better? Why did they push forward and I didn't? Would I be as good (or better) if I had applied myself?

It's not about material success. It's more about "what have they done with their lives/talents/gifts and why have I not done something more with mine?" This has to be a mid-life crisis, which doesn't bode well for my 111 plan. It's starting way too early.

I want a field. I don't care if it's a yard square in the middle of a swamp, I want one. Don't know what it will be yet, but I'm surveying. Maybe writing, maybe something else, like accounting. The world needs accountants, too.

So, yes, I am judging you. You'll be happy to know at this point, y'all are coming out way ahead of the turtle.

Not for long.


  1. Plenty of swamp land for sale down here, dear Turtle :P. hehehe....

  2. I'm older than you and probably more behind. Dabbled in some things here and there, but didn't become an expert in anything. Never had a high paying job. I couldn't even go back to one of the last two jobs I had (Blockbuster Video doesn't exist, Target doesn't train their overnight stockers in English, only in Spanish) I don't feel qualified to give speeches or do how-to guest blog posts. And people wonder why I stare at my aquarium screensaver and sing "I Wish I Were a Fish" from "The Incredible Mr. Limpet". Excuse me, I need to stop typing so I can see my fish again.


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