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Thursday, March 31, 2011


Remember last week I told you about that list of "Important but not Urgent" things I stuck on my calendar and completely failed to do because of other "Important and Urgent" things that got in the way?

Well, it seems when you keep such a list, a time does come when you can get to it.

This work week has been quieter, and I've completed three items on that list, and started another. I finished two items ahead of deadline and caught up on one on-going task that had gotten behind. The bonus? I didn't have to stop and think "what should I do now?" I had the list right there and I picked tasks to fit the time available.

I don't pretend for a moment I've mastered this skill, but it is nice to enjoy the gratification of checking the box, even if only for one month. Makes that mountain of sand seem a little more solid.
I'll aim to compose one of these every Friday afternoon for work. The list for the rest of my life I'll make Sunday evenings. I try to keep work and life as separate as possible.

It would probably help to continue writing that mission statement. Then I'll know where my priorities are and thus what's truly "Important but maybe not Urgent."

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  1. maybe I ought to read that book. What is sad - is I use to have that book - right next "How to Orginize from the Inside Out", which was by the book "7 Principlas for highly effetive Families". What is sadder - I've lost those books. Hummm.....


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