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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Reflections on Food

Saturday's sunburn is peeling spectacularly. Note to self: sunscreen is vital even in cold weather.

Yesterday was one of those days I would rather have stared at a wall for 8 hours than talked with a single person. Too bad work doesn't care about my mood. 

Started writing last night and forgot I left a burrito in the microwave. I am now that special kind of stupid that forgets to eat. I did notice the burrito in time to save it for today. Knowing me, though, I might have tried eating it even if it sat out overnight. Did I say special kind of stupid?

I have added food to Past Ties. Being one of the things I love, I love to write about it. It's also one of the things I've been missing in my current WIP. Now we meet Gavran not only learning about his new assignment but trying to find a snack en route. Much funnier and much more fun to write. At some as-yet-undetermined serious point, I intend to have him crunching his way through a bag of kim che-flavored soy nuts. Chuckle.

I've also been thinking about the sequel to Elementals. No idea what that title will be. E-squared? Oooh. I kinda like that.

Anyway, it occurred to me if Glorya gets preggo, I'll need some experts to walk me through the process (Yes, I have books on it, but the personal touch is better). Fortunately, I seem to be virtually surrounded by fertile females. Don't think finding some testimony will be quite the problem it might have been a year ago. I could also give her morning sickness. Wouldn't that be fun among the Achnoi? Another chuckle.

For you who liked Elementals, these musings are good news. Perhaps I'll have an actual story developed before I start.

My current deadline first draft date for Past Ties (self-set, I might add), is May 9. No way that's happening. Since it's completely arbitrary and I've become more concerned about word count than writing, I'm moving it farther away and ignoring it completely. No more word count checks every night. I'm not on deadline. As long as I add food to every scene and pile on the melodrama, I seem able to write. Guess I am a one-book writer.

Frankly, I should be focusing more on selling what I have (or promoting what I have to sell) than creating more product and I'm tired of this constant sense of failure. I just want to get the thing done and move on. I can do that over the summer. That's when I write my best stuff anyway. I'm warm and awake and often bored.

That is not a challenge to involve me in your lives this summer. If I wanted a life, I would have started one a long time ago. As it is, I have fake lives to chronicle. So I'll do it while you're all doing your things.

Oi! Is that the time? Then it's time for me to skeddaddle. Later, dear readers.


  1. Rats! I just wrote a long comment for you and blogger threw it up. Wouldn't take it. Hmph! It was probably too long. Maybe I'll save it for a blog post.

    Anyway, Sorry I haven't been by your blog lately. Speech and debate makes for a busy mom.

    You are not stupid. Odd, maybe, but then so am I. LOL

    You can write a series, my dear. You are not only a one book writer. But so what if you are. Just write many single stand-alone's. They like a book to stand alone anyway, even if it is in a series. So there you go.

    You are special, Robynn. One of a kind. Even if I'm not a fantasy fan, I am a fan of you -- my sister in Christ and friend. I believe you can do whatever you set your mind to do.

    Trust in the Lord.
    Write on, sister!

  2. Thanks for the encouragement, Susie!


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