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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Old Ideas, New Freedom

This week is, once again, cold and dark. It's hard for turtles to wake up when it's cold and dark. One of these days, I'll stop trying. I find myself waking up and wading through the day to get to the next time I can lie down and sleep.

My mood is good. We'll see how another few days of no sun affects that.

I worked on Past Ties last night. I'm adding some flashback scenes that aren't flashbacks. Meaning, I'm adding  them as separate chapters between the current chapters.

I use the word current carefully. This is a book about time travel. That makes time necessarily fluid. Memory becomes current and current becomes future.

These flashback chapters may end up being more "notes to self" kinds of things, but maybe not. I started putting time/place tags as chapter headings a while ago, so those might clue a reader to a time/place change. Might not, too. Don't care. I wrote another 600+ words doing it. I've also upped the action ante a bit with them. Shah and Gavran's lives are more exciting before and after they meet each other. These kind of bridge the boring gaps.

I've concluded no one but me will read this book anyway. I need to just get it down and out of my way so I can move on with other things. Certain freedom in that. I thought I'd already decided that a long time ago, but I guess no one bothered to tell my reptile brain.

Or maybe I'm too tired to remember.

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