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Wednesday, February 9, 2011


My schedule is messed up.

I need a mouthpiece adjustment, and until I get it, I'm not sleeping well. This means I don't pop out of bed as usual, so my morning gets rearranged. I'm tired and prone to cranky because of it. Add mask-cutting and short-crop Nacho Mastery into the mix, and I don't post.

Nachos are Mastered as of yesterday, and masks are cut as of this morning, so that's good. One less thing. 

I have been writing, though. Bits and pieces of Past Ties, mostly scene snippets to come. But that's okay. With each snippet, the story seems to coalesce.

So, my apologies for the sporadic posts. Once I get my adjustment, and some sleep, I should be back on track.

We'll just have to struggle through until then.

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