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Thursday, February 17, 2011

One More Step

Last night, I added Ranunculus Turtle the Blog to Networked Blogs. With some careful selection, I even managed to get confirmed as the author overnight. Many thanks to Friends and family who helped with that.

Attempting to increase readership here is one of those scary but necessary steps to publication. Platform-building and such.

TT: I looked at my stats. Talk about scary! 

Once again, as I jump into the fray of increased exposure (though by no means as broad as The New Authors' Fellowship), I must consider do I want to be me as a blogger or do I want to be good as a blogger? I would hope I can be both, but I fear I will be the first more than the second. I am always me, no matter how hard I fight against it. Anyway, this is my blog. I can be me all I want.

I don't have much to say this morning, but I wanted mostly to say "thank you for your support."

Oh, and "There's no substitute for good manners except fast reflexes."

I'll try to be more profound tomorrow. Don't know if I can pull it off on a Friday, but Thursday's giving me nothing.


  1. I fought off being me for years. It got me nowhere fast. So, I embrace what God made me and pray I do not mess it up too badly.

  2. You do an excellent job of being you. I'm glad you gave up the fight.


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