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Friday, February 18, 2011

Join the Club

We're all stressed. Me, my Friends both FB and writer if you believe their posts, my cats...

I had a nightmare last night. I don't have them often, for which I am grateful.

I dreamed I opened a cupboard and found a pile of half-dead pets I'd forgotten I owned. Not hard, since I've never owned a pile of hamsters, guinea pigs and two parrots. Why parrots would allow themselves to be forgotten in a cupboard is beyond me, but this was a nightmare.

TT: They were half-dead because I am a practitioner of lucid dreaming. I do not allow nightmares to become more scary than I can handle. Yes, I am a control freak even in my dreams. Yet another reason I am single. 

The meaning is clear. I went to bed with responsibilities unfulfilled and my subconscious called me on it. My schedule got rearranged without my consent, my routine was interrupted and things I should have done remained undone.

Were they huge things? No. The litter boxes will always need to be cleaned. Dishes can be washed in the morning as easily as the evening. Devotions are useless when I'm tired, right?

The result of pushing aside all these tasks was a restless night, a morning headache and a serious case of the grumpies I hope to shake by eating nacho Doritos (it seems to be working).

Why is it highs are followed by lows? Why is defeat lurking around every victory? Why is it so easy to see the darkness even when light was right there?

Fallen world, I guess.

I wish I were on the other side of this day, but I'm not.

God, help me to end better than I began. It shouldn't be hard. Amen.


  1. I know exactly what you mean, Turtle...just woke up depressed the day after I thought all would be well.
    Nothing happened...just a bad dream and a day of catching up.
    But it sent me into a tailspin.

    I have a theory. I believe God does give us these victories all the time. Some are huge, some look small but have a great impact. All of them wonderful.

    And then our nemisis, the Devil, who has fought to keep us from those victories, slinks away defeated.
    But not before he spitefully sticks his foot out in front of our path.
    And we are walking away with our eyes closed, happily humming and thinking about how much we are loved.

    *trip* *stumble* *splat*

    Happens every time.
    It's okay, though. The devil still lost.

    ...and we are still loved.

    Big hug! (( ))

  2. Trip, stumble, splat! LOL!

    Thanks, ladies. All hugs accepted and returned.


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