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Monday, January 3, 2011

And What Do I Get Instead of Thanks?

Threats. -Malik, Conan the Destroyer.

I tried permissive parenting. Nothing. I tried cooperative parenting. Nada. I threaten exile, and bam! the story starts to come together.

Not 24 hours after setting a timeline for pulling the plug, the story started to unfold. I wrote about 3K words this weekend. Not great, but more than I've been writing. I'm not going to complain.

I also seem to get inspired later than usual for me. After 7 or 8 PM later. The problem with that is I'm not winding down on time for bed. I stop typing but the story keeps going. Last night, my bed was milk, and I was the butter churn. The cats had to leave because I kept kicking them.

TT: I suppose that could be a result of the 6 extra hours of napping I did Sunday, but how likely is that? 

It also occurred to me I have decided to combine Past Ties and Present Tense into one book, and the original Past Ties will be the shorter part. A sort of extra long prologue.

It does free up the title Present Tense, which may take over from Dangling Participles, which seems to confuse more people than it amuses.

This would make my crossover book into the world of Ah'rahk book 2 of the Past Ties series instead of book 4. I can live with that.

My story children will be the death of me.


  1. Death, what death, death of you...no,no,no..NO death..especially of you!!!

    But congrats on getting over the hump!


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