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Monday, December 27, 2010

Too Laid Back

Oh, it is hard to find the motivation this morning. But since I'm back to work today, I'm looking for it. I'd rather be in bed.

The dark days of winter do this to me. I can sleep about 16 hours at a time in Winter if given the chance. I rarely get the chance. Maybe next weekend. I don't do New Year's, either.

We've started a new tradition. No more big dinners with "all the trimmings" on Christmas. We had soup (which I'm craving something awful at this very moment), sandwiches, and finger foods like chips and dip. Brownies for dessert, which I love, since I don't like pie. It's kinda nice to be grown-ups for Christmas. No whining. No yelling. No hitting anybody.

Yeah, I wasn't at my best on Christmas. Or any day involving food and/or presents.

Who am I kidding? I'm only at my best when I'm completely alone.

I did have a funny thing happen this weekend. I got excited about Past Ties.

I had powered down for the evening. Computer off. PJ's on. Brushing teeth. And wham! A scene started talking to me.

I've mentioned how my scenes usually start as dialogue, right?

Anyway, teeth are being brushed as this dialogue gets going. I check the clock. It's actually a little early to go to bed, even for me. I was mostly bored with being awake.

Computer gets turned on, files get opened, and click-click-click another 600 words get written almost by accident.

But these words have something I haven't had much of lately. Passion.

It was a new scene, not an old, reworked one. Hopefully, it's a new direction/complication for the story.

See, it occurred to me my whole story has been a drive across western Kansas - flat and dull (no offense, folks). I need some eastern Kansas in there - ups and downs, a few flint hills, maybe a stream or two. Something to break it up. I need a climb and a climax.

Maybe I just found something. We'll see how it goes.

I was telling Grandma Turtle writing is like marriage. Every day ain't champagne and roses but if you keep plugging away, more often than not you find a reason to keep plugging away.

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