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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A Happy Reader

PYP continues to threaten "the reveal." Kinda takin' their own sweet time about it, too. Don't confuse patience with complacency, PYP.

Oh, wait. They are the same with me. Whatever. Do what you want.

Talked with a happy Elementals test reader this weekend. The first to come close to guessing why it's titled as it is. That's...one of five people to figure that out.


Of course, My Dear Friend tells me she wouldn't have picked up a book with any of the other titles I was considering. Then again, she isn't my target audience.

Anyway, this happy test reader was quick to assure me how much she liked the book. So much more than Star of Justice. So much better.

TT: That's okay, although I had one twinge of concern for my first born. Then I remembered that Bible story - I'm pretty sure it's in the Bible - about the dutiful elder son and the wild-spirited, disobedient younger son who gets all the attention and the beef dinner. I can't think of the name...

Anyway. as with all test readers, I asked her some questions about the story. Any confusing parts? Any unanswered questions? Anything that just rang false?

"Oh, no. I can't wait for the sequel."

"I'm not planning a sequel."

The stunned look said it all. A flood of questions poured out. But what about-? But do they-? But what happened when-?


Maybe I do have the potential for a sequel.

All I have to do is ask my audience what they want to know.


  1. Well, since I haven't finished Elementals, I do, in fact, appreciate you not giving anything away here--even though I'm NOT feeling quite to patient with PYP right now ;).

    And a challenge...to figure out the nature of the title...oh, boy :D.

  2. I have to add this--the verification word that popped up with my last post (what are those called? I know there's a name...) was "tater." I don't know why, but that just cracked me up.

    Let's see, maybe the next one will be "spud"....

  3. I think the word is "catchka." Just learned it this year. I don't know if that's the right spelling or not.


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