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Friday, December 10, 2010

My Trouble with Scifi

No writing last night, and unlikely writing time tonight. Other things, you know. However, tomorrow is supposed to be cold with rain and possible snow. Surely I can find 3 hours of writing time between all the napping I intend to do. Who knows? I might even find a little time to research.


For me, research is typing a word into the Google search bar and picking the first thing that isn't an ad. Not very directed, I admit, but research is a concept beyond my reptilian brain's ability to grasp. I never know when to quit or what to trust. Who has the last word on a topic, after all?

One of my big issues is with the character LUCK I, a robot. I'll be writing about that at NAF, possibly tomorrow. I'll have to see who else has what else scheduled.

Who am I kidding? I have a problem with all the technology. On last night's drive home, I heard computer hard drives may soon be a thing of the past. Something called Chrome is going to create computers whose info is stored in online servers only.

TT: The whole idea freaks me out. Has overtones (real or perceived) of socialism and shared property that put my back up and my head down.

My book is set in 2132. What on earth will Earth look like? What kind of tech will we have and what will we have outlawed?

It's my choice, really, since it's my vision of the future, but I'd like it to at least seem plausible.
My typical readers compliment me on my innovation and creativity (It's not arrogant if it's true). I correct them constantly. What I write is innovative and creative to them, because they aren't familiar with the genre. It's not innovative at all in comparison to other fantasy offerings.

And that's why writing scifi freaks me out. The MLS contest showed me how far out of touch I am.
Which means I either have to catch up fast or make the story so compelling it appeals to readers other than hardcore scifi fans.

I'm a turtle living at the poverty line. Guess which option I'll chose?

I suppose a third option is not to write scifi.

Too late. Already started. Must finish.


  1. Technology intimidates me as well. What you can do is label your stories as "soft science fiction", which means (if you don't know) that the story is less about the technology and more about the characters.

    That's the way I intend to market my books anyway, because I don't want to be bogged down in details that in the end I couldn't predict anyway.

    For all information to be stored on the internet, that scares me a bit, too. Yet information has to be stored somewhere physical, so I'm not sure what Chrome is talking about. Looks like I'll have to do some research of my own, eh?

  2. Mine would be "very soft scifi." Chuckle.

    If I remember correctly, your MLS offering Traitors has a telepathic assassin as the MC. Past Ties is why I took such an interest in your story. My book is full of telepaths, empaths, kinetics - you name it, I probably have it. I'm always curious about how others treat the topic (this is a hint for you to blog about your book, BTW).


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