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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Running Late

I am so far behind this morning I wish I could go back to bed and it would be tomorrow. I've been waking up at 3 AM again (not because of Mica, as far as I can tell). I might as well just get up.

I've been playing in the Sandbox the past few days. That's why I'm behind schedule this morning. We're having an interesting overseas conversation about swear words and racial slurs. Interesting to me, anyway. I don't know what the rest think.

My new computer has finally stopped giving me pop-up warning after pop-up warning about Sandbox emails, so I can be a reasonable part of things again. I'm re-reading the rules about posting and such. My unfamiliarity with Yahoo groups has made me too cautious about breaking rules or doing it wrong to be of much help to others. For now, I'll err on the rash-side until I get slapped down.

It's raining this morning. We need it desperately, but I may be electrocuted in the shower. Do you ever wonder who will pay the water bill if you die in the shower? I wonder that a lot.

I've been listening to Dave Ramsey in the mornings, and I decided it's past time to make a will. I don't want the State of Kansas deciding what happens to my critters since they (unjustly, I think) fall under the legal heading of "property." I have no idea where they'll go. I'm hoping having a Will will prevent my death until a few of them die off first.

And puckernuts. That reminds me it's the first of the month and I still have bills to pay before work.

Heavy sigh. Maybe I'll luck out and get electrocuted. It won't make any difference to my hair and might actually improve my skin tone.


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