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Monday, June 21, 2010

Living with Aliens

Herding cats is easy. Just feed them on a schedule. When the food bowls clink at my house, six furry tails come running.

If you've seen any Alien movie, you know how those creepy critters can "appear" out of nowhere. How a seven-foot, shiny black skeleton-thing with a head shaped like a loaf of French bread, sprouting back-tubes and a scorpion tail can look like a chair is beyond belief, but those things do it. My cats have the same gift for camouflage.

I called and called for Simon one day, who was in plain sight but unnoticeable until he stretched. I thought Caleb had somehow managed to get outside, until he yelled at me from the closed kennel where I had accidentally locked him because he'd hidden himself at the very back for a nap. I can't count the number of times I've almost stepped on Mica, who has the "drop-sprawl" move down pat but continues to practice it in high-traffic areas. Toffee watches the world from under the entertainment center or on top of the file cabinet, perfectly at ease in either location. And Skuttle is impossible to find until she wants to be found.

Fortunately, none of my critters have acid for blood, but their various cries, clicks and screeches are enough to drive me out the airlock some days. I'm just glad they haven't realized I'm edible.

The dog, of course, is always easy to find. Seems once I'm out of it, my bed is her bed.

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