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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I Told You So

Why is it when the perfect time to say those words rolls around, there's no point in saying them?
When the predicted doom falls, why rub it in? That person is already suffering, sometimes more than even you imagined possible. Only a real jerk would take the time to say "I told you so" then.

Doesn't mean those words aren't there, circling like vultures over the kill. But a real friend knows to keep her mouth shut at such times and just be there to watch as the mess gets cleaned up.

For the record, I'm not cleaning up the mess. I'm the one who warned about it. I'm a friend, not a saint.

It's very easy to see someone else's impending mistakes. Much harder to see your own.

I recommend, the next time a friend - a real friend - gives you a warning about some decision, you listen very carefully. It might save you both a lot of future heartache.

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