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Wednesday, June 9, 2010


It seems when a FV co-op is involved, I don't post on this blog. My apologies. The co-op is over, and I'm back for now.

I was thinking about Doctor Who. Shocking!

In the second season, he's given an immortal potential companion and rejects him as an unnatural, fixed point in time. Perhaps that's because of how he became immortal. But it does imply the writers of today's version of Doctor Who would reject my immortal character Amy. I find that interesting. They must like the tragedy of the Doctor's current existence, like Joss Whedon's inability to let his couples be happy together for more than six episodes before breaking them up or killing them off. Happiness doesn't make for good TV, apparently.

Speaking of happy relationships, one of the reasons I like Friends (there are many) is their treatment of Chandler and Monica's marriage. For a comedy show, that relationship actually exemplified some very good relational skills. We saw them fighting and resolving, facing hard decisions (like moving and infertility) together, and basically showing that a marriage isn't easy but it's worth it.

For the record, most of my problems with the show involve their treatment of casual sex and p*rn (in case the filters won't let me type it) as okay behaviors. They're not. Really, really not.

Let's see, I've hopped from FV co-ops to Doctor Who to Joss Whedon to Friends. Yeah. I'd say I'm distracted, all right.

Oh, look! A chicken!

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