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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Oops, I Did It Again

That is hopefully the first and last time a Britney Spears' song will be mentioned in this blog.

I left the food bowl out again, and again was awakened at 3:15. Oddly enough, this morning, Mica did not sit and cry at me. Perhaps it was Simon's huge bulk parked at my head that stopped her. I don't know why, though; he's never stopped her from doing anything before. 

I'm making slightly better use of this morning than yesterday. I took pics of some neighbors' farms and they'll be up at Virtual Buttercups in the coming weeks.

See, it occurred to me some neighbors are proud of their farms and might like a little showcasing to those who don't farm. I enjoy all my neighbors, but there are certain farms that are a delight to visit. I'll be putting some of those up, hopefully with minimal psychoanalysis. Hehe! I get permission from the neighbor first. Only seems fair.

I won't be getting to bed early as planned because I joined a pattypan co-op that even when planted at 4:30 AM comes due at 10:30 PM. They only needed 250 plots to finish with a gold and I could provide those. You're welcome, My Dear Friend. May the mail truck be yours. In gratitude you can join my grape co-op starting tomorrow morning. I want another grape sheep.

I can guarantee I'll be making up the sleep come Saturday. Mom, be warned.

So, I'm going to make my fourth cup of tea for the morning, and you can wander over to my real FV blog to read about Teresa S and her parks. Here's a preview:

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