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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I'm a Little Tired

When I fall asleep before putting Mica's nighttime food bowl back in its drawer, the result is her waking me up at 3:15, her bowl being empty (thanks to one of the other furry household stomachs) and the means of filling it being one floor away. You might think Mica would wait for me to get up at 4. You'd be wrong. Nothing can shut that cat up when she wants something and there is nowhere in my house where she cannot be heard.

Since there's no way to get the food, wait for her to eat and then go back to sleep in 45 minutes, I got up at 3:15.

I'm a bit tired this morning. I doubt I will get less tired as the day progresses.

I considered three cups of tea to help with the perking up, but the second cup had an ant in the bottom of it. While I noticed no difference in the taste, it put me off that third cup.

I currently have Little Brother in my lap, kneading his complete set of claws into my arm as I type. He really wants the chair. He's putting up with my lap until I leave.

So, here I sit, surrounded by sleeping cats and a dog, wishing I were one of them. But to work I must go. Thus begins Wednesday.

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