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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I'm Still Angry

Forgive my lack of post yesterday, but after the travesty of Constitutional process that occurred Sunday, my normal topics seemed frivolous at best. When families will be scraping every last dollar to pay increasing insurance premiums or have the IRS garnish their paychecks, what difference will it make if I write good fiction or not? When a percentage of any profit I might make from selling books will fund abortions, why would I sell books?

Don't believe for a moment the liberals are finished. Like Islamo-facists, victory only makes them more determined. Amnesty for illegals is next on the agenda. Otherwise, who else will vote these socialists back into office?

One of the entrants in the MLS contest was The Land of the Black Rose about a Chinese Christian who helped run an underground railroad for Christians fleeing persecution. It didn't win, which is unfortunate, because if we don't stop this runaway train of liberalism and might-makes-right governance, we'll need it as a handbook for surviving life in the New America. Except we have nowhere to run. Now is the time to make our stand for the country we love and throw these traitors out of office.

Forgive me. I normally save this sort of thing for my other blog, but it is becoming increasingly difficult to separate real life from the fictional.

I hope someone is writing all this down. Depending on how it ends, it may make one heck of a story.


  1. Robynn,
    I couldn't agree more. A friend has a series of blogs about this topic.

  2. Robynn you took my thoughts and put them words today. Thanks. Deb


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