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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Another Reason I Prefer Fiction Writing

I must apologize again. I suppose I should say, if this blog remains unchanged, check Old Fashioned Thoughts.

I did start a post, but time ran away from me. Even when the cats awaken me at 4:30, there is only so much time before work. It doesn't help that I'm currently planting FV hard and fast for a quick gold turnover. I need another 150K to buy more land. I'm using the XP/gold charts figured by Adam Nash and mentioned in my Farmville post "I'm Not the Only One."

I learned yesterday Facebook will supposedly become a pay site, $14.99/month, on July 9. Since I refuse to pay for such time wasters (that's why I only have 3 TV channels), I will lose Farmville. No doubt it's for the best. That's the beginning of my writing season.

Real life sucks. Excuse my French.

My Dear Friend prefers books and movies that end realistically. "Not only does the hero not get the girl but he loses a limb" sort of endings. It's odd because I've marveled at her optimism in real life. I've heard her after a call with a nasty customer say, "How sad. What must his life be like that he's so mean?"

Are you kidding? No, she's not. I've studied her for four years and her pity seems sincere.

I, on the other hand, am a cynic, another word for "wounded romantic." I am shocked when a real human being actually chooses the higher way. It so seldom happens in real life that humans do the selfless thing. Perhaps it happens often and I just don't hear about it.

I like fiction with happy endings. They don't have to live happily ever after, but I want to see my heroes do the right thing and get rewarded for it.

My brothers often say "no good deed goes unpunished." In this life, perhaps, but my goal is not to live for this life. Heaven is my home. This is an occupation.

In the meanwhile, I'll read and write my escapist literature with an image of a better world, whether that world can be achieved or not. This world and its evil are real enough. I live in it. I don't need to read about it.

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  1. Facebook will stay free.



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