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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Another Short Post

I didn't finish the masks, so I'm back to cutting this morning. Big Brother must have left the latex cooking longer than usual. These are really thick and don't respond well to my scissors. I keep leaving little nicks in the latex and no one wants that.

For those who don't know, Big Brother makes paintball masks. I have a link on my website to his website, but I'll post it here for those who haven't visited my website: http://www.psychoscenario.com/.

You may now have a better understanding of my family.

Big Brother is actually the middle brother. Elder Brother came first; Big Brother is second, but...well, bigger than Elder Brother.

Normally, Big Brother drops off masks on Thursdays and I have all night to work on them. I pick a movie and cut away. This time, he dropped them off Sunday afternoon and didn't tell me (it must have been during my nap). I found them on my doorstep yesterday as I was leaving for work. This messed up my schedule a mite.

I was also having an inordinate amount of trouble keeping cats out of my lap while I cut. I would move Mica only to discover Skamper trying to squirm in. Once he was relocated, Mica was back. I can't blame them since I was gone a lot last week, but it's nearly impossible to cut out a mask with a cat in the way. Much like typing a post with Mica in front of the computer screen screaming for breakfast.

So, I'm off to cut. I've finished planting for the day and I'll forgo helping my neighbors to help my brother. Or I won't.

Maybe there's a way I can do both.

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