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Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Few Housekeeping Chores

First, I added a picture of Caleb in the sink to yesterday's post. Scroll down to see how cute he is. He can't do it this morning, 'cause there's leftover dishes in there, so I'm glad I got it on memory stick.

Second, those Google ads are cracking me up (I know I said I wouldn't mention them again, but they're killing me). Yesterday, there was one about counter-espionage or something, I assume sparked by my submarine post. I sometimes scroll the blog just to see what word they've latched on to for the day. Hilarious.

Third, I've restored Avily Jerome, author of Dying for Dragons, to my blog list. She's decided to resume blogging on a regular basis, and I want to reward her for her effort. I enjoyed her irrefutable rules post. Kept me laughing.

Fourth, I also added W. H. Hayes' blog to my list. He's from The Anomaly, and I find his topics intriguing. Perhaps because he also was inspired by Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea.

Fifth, for my regular readers who haven't bothered yet, step up and sign on as a Follower. It isn't hard (mom did it). I haven't added an official Follower in a month or two. You don't get emails or anything. It just puts a little icon with your screen name up so I feel more important than I really am. Don't we all want me to feel good about myself for no reason?

Sixth, I added a link at the top to the NOAA weather map, so after you read my post, you can get your weather for the day. Isn't that thoughtful? Heehee.

I was going to write a real post, but I've run out of time this morning, so I'll leave it with this.

And for my non-authors, feel free to comment on your oddest search. We've all looked up weird things for odd reasons. I really want to know some of yours.

Maybe I'll write a book about it.

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