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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

What I Learned as a Newly Published Author

Mary DeMuth put this article on her "So You Want to be Published" blog (which is one of the blogs I follow, if you want to read it). She wrote it two years ago.

Basically, it's about networking, and being gracious, and promoting your own work when you can, and not being a jerk.

She has 10 points but those are the highlights. It's a good article, whether you're published or not. It probably relates to more than just the writing field.

Sally Stuart said much the same things 20 years ago when I was attending her conferences, so I'm guessing some things never change.

I was a jerk 20 years ago. I didn't like people very much, so I wasn't interested in networking. I was rarely gracious about anything. And self-promotion? Forget it. Too much work.

Amazing the difference 20 years and a little growing up can make.

This blog, my website, my newly self-printed business cards with the little turtle head on them - all my beginning efforts at self-promotion.

Entering the MLS contest provided immediate networking possibilities as well as the opportunity to be a gracious loser. I hope I succeeded in that! Feels like I did. It also gave me a chance to learn more about the business end of the craft, and that can only be useful.

Writing isn't a goal to be achieved. It's a craft to be mastered. Publishing one book is great. Writing a good book is better.

Past Ties is officially begun. With the Blown Away soundtrack alternately rocking and crooning through the living room, Tayra Shah started her journey from Antarctica to Pohnpei and countries beyond.

'Cause I want to be published, Mary. Thanks for the good words.

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