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Monday, December 28, 2009

A Quandary

So, I decided to write Past Ties next because it's the book that started it all. I can keep it short and sweet and action-packed (maybe). It has issues I must resolve if other Ah'rahk stories are to progress with any hope of coherence.

I'm having second thoughts. Shocking!

Susie, you'll understand this. Which book do you write when you have more than one book idea?

Do I write the actual sequel to Star of Justice? What if the sequel needs to be something different depending on the publisher? The sequel deals with some heavy issues, like marriage and betrayal and, you know, marriage. I'd rather change a story before I write it.

Or, do I write one of the books that precedes Star of Justice? Like the one that explains the presence of humans on Ah'rahk (The First Man). Or the one that explains the mysterious stranger briefly mentioned in Star of Justice who sort of causes all the trouble in the first place (Dangling Participles)? Or the book that tells why Golor's king is in York when Caissa gets back to the city (The Royal Pain)?

See the trouble?

They're all important. They all give a piece of the story. Not all of them are Caissa's story, but they are all based on Ah'rahk and give background on her story. Remember background?

So, there's my quandary. The only way I can think to solve it is to quit my day job, start writing and not stop until they're all done or the cats eat me.

Or cast lots. That would be more Biblical.

I guess I'll write on Past Ties until I decide.

Oh, and check out my website! I've added my first "reader review" quote for Star of Justice, and it looks great!


  1. Don't worry about writing them out of order. The Chronicles of Narnia aren't in order, either. And I gave up trying to keep track of Tolkein's order.

  2. Yeah, I blew chronological order out the window when I wrote Star of Justice first. Doesn't matter. God willing, the rest will be written eventually.


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