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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Premise Contest Phase 3

That's what you're looking for this time around. Minimum vote remains 3, maximum vote is now 8.
I have chosen four, and I'm being nice about one of them. I won't say which one.

I'm a little snarky today. Not the best thing considering I posted a comment on the forum that may attract some return snark. It went a little bit like this: I'm disappointed in the synopses.

Here's the exposition I left off the forum. Anyone truly annoyed by my comment there may come here and read how I really feel.


Silly, I suppose, but I figured everyone who applied to a publishing house would actually know how to write well. Perhaps naive is a better adjective.

By no means do I consider myself a master's level writer, but I do have an English Composition and Grammar course book sitting next to me at the computer, and when I have a question, I look it up.

I love the English language. Like Henry Higgins, it pains me when people misuse it. "Less" instead of "fewer." "Raised" instead of "reared." "Busted" instead of "burst." Modifiers dangling without hope of finding an object. I forgive most people because they don't know better.

Writers should know better. I can appreciate breaking rules for drama or tone, but show me you know the rules before you break them.

Last night was the first time (I'm having a lot of firsts with this contest) I considered that the premise contest is an actual slice of the kind of submissions Jeff the Publisher gets on a regular basis. Great ideas in less than perfect form. Grrr!

For him, the question is probably "Can I work with this writer?"

For me, the question is "Are you kidding?" OK, that's a little exaggerated. My emotions are getting the better of me. Engage Vulcan calm.

It's a good thing Jeff is laizzez faire (I have no idea how to spell that. I love English, not French). I'm uptight, anal-retentive and occasionally (occasionally? Ha!) insensitive. I'd tell everybody to go home and come back when they knew how to use commas.

Yeah, Vulcan calm not engaged yet.

I would like to say the main contest has had much better writing overall. And better discussions.

Another rant coming on...

That's another thing that helped bring on the snark. I check in to the premise sub-board after 2 days to see what's going on, and there's a thread discussing the funny permutations of mibillie2's login name.


Vulcan calm just transported up to the ship, and left Klingon rage alone on the planet. I suppose we all need to blow off some steam, and making fun of Hill-mibillie the Redneck Son is how some folks choose to do it. I will not be participating in that thread.

My viewpoint from here on out is I can't afford to engage emotionally with winning this contest. It's like owning a newt. Won't do it again. They don't live long enough to offset the week long crying jag that follows their deaths. I will not spend a week of my life sobbing into my computer at work because my entry didn't make the next cut. It's silly and undignified.

To be clear, I will still do that. I'm just aware that it's silly and undignified.

To sum up, three minimum - eight maximum, I'm freaking out again, and tomorrow will be better.

This is why you don't trust your feelings. They can make you write stuff like this.

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